The internet has made the world a very convenient place. Students who earlier thought of joining schools and colleges for taking classes and doing degrees respectively can now access plenty of information online. They have gotten aware that the internet can fulfill most of their needs. Those who lack the facilities to go to school or are from backward areas use internet technology to educate themselves and fulfill their academic dreams. E Learning or online tutoring now helps millions of students to meet their educational requirements. They don’t need to attend school any longer and can study from the privacy of their homes. What, however, they really need to do is be proficient in computers and internet.

Once this happens, they can get the whole world at their doorstep. Online tutoring comprises notebook, online learning and practical collaboration. The focus discussions generally happen over chats and emails and the study materials of various subjects come in the form of CD-ROMs, private computer networks and audio and videotapes, etc. Students from some strata of society and areas of the country have problems attending schools and have to travel long distances to get an education. In such circumstances, online tutoring comes to the fore and saves them. Its courses not only educate but also give them a lot of time, space, comfort and opportunities.

1Those who were earlier not able to rely on their classroom teachers and found multiple issues in their subjects can now fully depend on online tutoring courses. They can relate well with these and study the same to get a better understanding of their subjects. Various courses and learning resources online are available for both students and teachers. This saves their energy, time and efforts. Online tutoring portals provide a large number of services and help students in writing their assignments and completing their essay reports. They also solve their queries and clarify their doubts regarding maths, science, computer science, economics, finance and other subjects.

It is essential to count on online tutoring, as it is very satisfying and reliable. With so many courses available online, research students can now learn to improve their writing, editing and presentation skills. Bettering these skills would mean the submission of well written thesis reports and journals. This would make these researchers grab a top spot in the university and succeed in various academic endeavors. Many school students who are not comfortable enough to share their problems in the classrooms end up performing badly in exams. Online tutoring gives them an opportunity to be open and interact with other students and teachers. They can then select tutors of their own choice and get their issues resolved.

Online tutoring is perhaps one of the best ways through which United States and United Kingdom students learn their subjects and educate themselves. It is fun, interactive and simple. Benefitting from its reasonably priced services and being able to study at one’s own pace are something all students expect. The highly eligible and experienced online tutors interact with them at comfortable timings and try to meet all their expectations.