If you are an avid writer or blogger, and you want to showcase your passion in writing at a global platform, why not publish with me? I’m open to publish your writing on my site. However, you must take care of a few things while submitting your guest post to me. Please refer to the following:

  • The language of your blog should be simple with not-so hefty words and the information should be conveyed in a minimum of 400 words.
  • You can either send storified or conversational blogs, as long as they are interactive to our global readers and do not make the reading process dull for them.
  • The concept and topic selection of your blog have to be unique and it should not be published on any other website.
  • I do not post plagiarised content! Thus if you are using any famous quotes or words, the credits should be duly provided to its authors.
  • It is recommended that the size of any used image should be in Kbs, and original. The used image should not have any watermark or copyright symbol on it.
  • If your blog includes a picture with copyright mark or watermark without citing the source of the image, it would not be published.
  • Provide me with a brief description of yourself to publish along with your blog, because every reader wishes to know about the author of the write-up.
  • Your submitted write-up should be related to the theme of the blogging site. Unrelated write-ups would not be published unless the topic is too unique for the reader.
  • Promotional writings will not be considered to publish. Your blog should not promote any product or website, however necessary or interconnected links could be provided.
  • Informative, resourceful, and interesting blogs are highly recommended.