Any study or investigation is aimed at solving the socio-economic problems around us. Hence, it is very much required to have a strong theoretical background of the study. The theoretical foundation results in a conceptual framework, which is then implemented based on the practical empirical or qualitative data. Depending on the domain of research, several databases are available around the world, which provide the researchers with the mounting volume of academic literature on the topic of their areas of interest. Based on the keywords of their study, they try to locate the appropriate academic journals and research papers.

A chronological survey of those documents endows the researchers with the historical evolution of the theoretical constructs. Moreover, they can also know about various implementation and policy level issues being faced by the academicians in projecting those studies in several contexts. While doing the data analysis, the latter part helps the researchers to formulate their assumptions religiously, so that they can have a near to realistic implementation of their results in the theoretical space.

When we consider the case of historical evolution of theoretical underpinning, most recent evolutions have the ability to put forward the best possible picture before the researchers. As most of the research databases, provide the primordial literatures, some of the organizations provide the recent developments on the theoretical foundations, along with their implications and implementations in the setting of the modern world. One of such organizations is