In order to live a sustained life, one needs to earn money, so that the family can be fed, and that is the reason people strive to get hold of any employment and vocational opportunities. However, it has been observed in various organizations that employees, who are leaving the organizations, are coming up with their own startup enterprises. This is not a new phenomenon is the world of business. People leave their safe sources of income and chances of comfortable life, and venture in the direction of uncertain future, and in most of the cases they succeed. It may seem to be quite surprising, but it is true. There are certain reasons behind this type of phenomenon taking place, and they are as per the following:

  • While working in any organization, each and every employee has to be under supervisor(s). In order to get the work done, supervisor(s) exert certain amount of pressure, which may prove out to be unmanageable to the employees. This in turn results in attrition in the organizations, as the employees do not enjoy being mastered each and every time inside the organizations, and they certainly feel their self-esteem being hurt. They aspire to be the masters of their own fate, and they try to come up with their own startups. If being looked at largely, success of a startup depends on the negative qualities and failure in leadership styles of the supervisors of the owners and proprietors of the startup organizations. In short, bad bosses are the reasons behind successful startups.
  • As the world is turning out to be more dynamic on a daily basis, depending on the salary based remunerations only can never be a viable solution to run a family smoothly. In the need of some extra income, with a little bit of calculated risk, one can establish a startup. These startups are kind of small scale businesses, which may not require huge amount of capital or very complicated strategies.
  • While carrying out the daily life as an employee in any organization, someone may feel at some point of time, that the knowledge and expertise being gathered by that person during the academic and vocational period may bring forth more significant results. Driven by that ambition, people become inclined towards establishing startups, with some like-minded people.

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