There are many people who wish to know how they can improve their computer skills. In the modern era we spent most of our lives on the computer. It starts in our days as a student when we have to use computer skills to work on our projects, and continues to our days in our workplace when we have to complete all our tasks on the computer. Naturally we have to become very good at using this tool and the applications that go with it.

It has often been found that children and young people pick up computer skills a lot faster than those who are middle aged. They are able to perform tasks on the computer at amazing speeds, and get thorough with the usage of several applications with a speed that amaze those who are older than them. How is this possible, the old ones wonder?

As children, we are used to fiddling around with toys, tools, and applications. That enables us to learn so many new things. But as we get older, we stop doing this. We only learn things in a formal environment, and we do not pick up new skills unless we are required to or unless we are specifically trained to. This restricts our learning.

The trick is to not stop that fiddling process that we used to have as a child. Computer skills can only be learnt by a frequent trial and error process. There are only so many things that coaching classes, and training courses will teach you. The rest of the skills have to be picked up by experimenting with all that has been taught. Computer skills are not just about a fixed set of skills that have to be followed religiously. They are also about being creative and trying to build new models based on what one already knows.

Those who master computer skills are those who are constantly fiddling with different keys on the keyboard and seeing what the outcome is. They are always looking for ways in which they can invent new models, and find faster ways of achieving standardised processes, and simply experimenting on their own as to what they can achieve.


There is a lot of demand in computer companies, BPO units, and firms in other sectors for such creative individuals who can play with applications like MS Office, and build models that will systemize and make processes easy. There are constant changes being made to the applications every day. One just has to look at how many versions of MS Office have been released by Microsoft since its inception.

After a while, people find that there are no longer any new computer courses that they can go to and whatever new skills they wish to learn can only be picked up by self learning. This is where it is important that one goes back to the days of one’s childhood, and once again start fiddling with myriad applications so that they can pick up new tricks just as fast as a child does.