A customer of a major bank logs on to the Internet. He goes to the website of the bank where there is an option given for Internet banking. There are normally two options given under this section, one is for retail banking and the other is for corporate banking. He chooses the section for retail banking. Once he has entered his login identification and his password, he is led to the details of all his accounts.

The first thing he does is to check his savings account and get details of all the transactions that he has made in the recent past, and how much balance he has in his account. Then he looks at the term deposit accounts that he has and this is where he gets details of all the interest payments that have been made to him, and when the time period of his term deposits are going to be completed. If he feels like paying any of his bills online, he can do that as well. In case he wishes to buy railway tickets he can buy them online. There are times when he wishes to make a transfer to another account. He does not have to write a cheque or hand over cash to the counterparty. He can simply make an online transfer. The banks even enable him to check his income tax details by providing him links to the concerned portal.

The customer sits back in the comfort of his living room and thinks about how easy life has become. Like him, many customers carry out these transactions on a weekend when they are not constrained by the demands of professional life. Banks are usually closed on a Sunday, but online banking is always open, and all these banking transactions can be made on the weekend.

This is how online banking has transformed the lives of many people around the world. It has made their banking experience convenient and hassle free. They have access to banking facilities literally at their fingertips, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. Whenever they want, and wherever they want, they can access these facilities and complete all their banking duties. They can even access these facilities on their mobile phones.

Banking has never been more convenient, and it allows customers to keep a track of their accounts all the time. Very rarely do they have to go to the bank, and meet the teller in person for completing a transaction. Most things that can be done over the Internet are usually done by the customers on the Internet.

Banks are employing top quality IT personnel to keep making more improvements to their portals so that they can offer better services to their employees. Nowadays the services of a bank are often judged by how customer friendly their website is. Having being pampered for so long by so many banks, customers now want more and more facilities. With so many convenient features, online banking is only going to grow in the near future.