If you are rushing out of your home in a hurry and plan to skip breakfast, remember that it might lead you to overeat in the day. On the contrary, a healthy breakfast will boost your energy, fulfill your appetite and set the stage for right decisions throughout the course of your day. We bring you some healthy breakfast options that must be a part of your daily eating habits.


Eggs are known to contain 13 essential nutrients like protein which are a must for our body’s good health. We must intake a minimum of 8-10 grams and preferably 20-25 grams of protein to maintain muscle mass over a period of time.


Though it is true that too much coffee is bad for health, a cup in the morning with your breakfast is packed with antioxidants. A small amount of coffee without cream or sugar has shown heart benefits and has a slow cognitive decline. It can also prevent cancer and diabetes as well.


A medium sized banana is rich in potassium, fiber and vitamin C. It is a great grab-and-go option so works well when you are in a hurry. A medium banana has 422 mg of potassium and no sodium, which is a great combination to control blood pressure.


These refreshing varieties are full of antioxidants, fibers and vitamin C. They have extremely low calories and also have anti-cancer properties.


Oatmeal is a nutritious breakfast ingredient full of dietary fiber. It keeps you fuller for a longer time and helps to lower cholesterol as well. It can be added to various breakfast recipes or enjoyed with fresh fruits for a hearty morning meal.

The best breakfast includes good carbs, some fiber along with some level of protein. You will find a lot of healthy and quick options with these nutrients so next time, don’t walk out of your home door without a healthy breakfast!