Technology has brought the classroom right to your doorstep via online tutoring. While we are more accustomed to traditional classrooms, it cannot be denied that online tutoring has several advantages. Here is how to make the most out of your online tutoring classes:

  1. Be prepared: When you don’t have to drive to a college or university for a class, it is quite easy to forget your schedule. Therefore, set reminders so you don’t miss the class. Always try to login to the online tutoring portal a little early to avoid unexpected delays due to broken connections or equipments.
  1. Do not hesitate to ask questions: Like in a traditional classroom, you are expected to be an active participant. Asking questions is a lot more comfortable experience than in a regular classroom. Online tutors have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. It is up to you to learn as much as you can from them.
  1. Maintain decorum: When in a regular classroom, you are expected to focus. Phonecalls, messaging or texting are largely dissuaded or completely banned. To make the most of your online tutoring lecture, it is a good idea to maintain the same discipline as would be expected in a regular class. For the one hour of your lesson, you can live without all the unnecessary distraction. Best to go to a quiet corner and get on with your online lesson without any disturbances.
  1. Communicate: Online tutoring gives you the advantage of personalized attention. Thus, you have enough scope to communicate on a one on one basis with your tutor. This is extremely important for learning. Open a channel of communication with your tutor and express your feedback and concerns. As an example, for a first session, communicate whatever you may have covered in the subject through other courses, if any. This will help your tutor to create a lesson plan that suits your need better.
  1. Be sincere: This is perhaps the one thing that goes for both online tutoring and regular classroom coaching or any kind of learning for that matter. Be sincere with your work and if there are any assignments allocated to you, be sure to have them done and ready before the agreed time period.

Online tutoring provides you with flexibility and control that your might not find elsewhere. However, that also means that you need to make the most of it on your own.