Learning new things is always beneficial and learning a new language is double benefit to anyone. With growing population, communication is the main medium to interact with people across the world. With hundreds of languages across the globe, language is the main medium to interact with other countries for trade, culture etc. although there are hundreds of languages in the current world, there are only a few which are frequently used. So by learning such languages can always be beneficial for people. An extra language is not just to put on a resume, it can also fetch you a job with a decent pay as a professional translator in international companies.

Apart from being a translator, a person with extra language abilities can also be a tutor either in a school or have his/her own classes. Learning a new language has become a hobby for many these days and would be a good market to capture. And learning more than 3 languages is always helpful. And in countries like India where we have many regional languages learning them would be very helpful. While learning international languages can fetch you good jobs, learning local languages can help in moving around the country.