I remember my first few months at States. Away from my family, my relatives and my friends, I was struggling hard to settle down with my husband. And, moreover, I had nothing to do. Ask a workaholic how it feels when he or she is left with no job! And, as you know, it is not at all easy for a person to get a job in states who accompanies her husband for on-site project completion. So, as you may understand the boredom I had felt over there. At that point of time, one of my husband’s colleagues advised me to become an interpreter.


Well, I was pretty acquainted with the word ‘interpreter’, but doing interpretation as a part time job and earn money was something I was not very sure of! After a few formalities, I could easily become an interpreter for a doctor over there. I knew Bengali and Hindi and a little bit of other North Indian languages that helped me to translate the problems of the patients who used to come to that doctor but couldn’t speak proper English. It was an easy and interesting job that helped me to earn a few dollars at the end of each week.

I shared my story just to give one example that interpretation is a good career option if you take it seriously. If you have a knack for learning multiple languages, then you can choose doing interpretation at different sectors. Like, for examples, corporates hire interpreters for doing interpretation at their meetings. You can get job at embassy or you can simply become a guide if travel is your passion. Learning a different language is fun in itself and if it enables you to earn handsome money in return, isn’t it a good career choice?