Any research cannot be undertaken devoid of having a proper theoretical underpinning. Based on the theoretical underpinning only, any research can find its significance among the ongoing stream of studies and investigations. Any historical perspective of any study provides it with a kind of insight, which enables the researcher to find the way to achieve the hypotheses of the study. The establishment of the epistemological foundation of the study is actually based on this historical background of the study.

Theory is the one, which has a strong historical background, and has been proven over the years. However, it has been faced with various stages of evolution. In addition, precisely, that is the area, where researchers find their area of interest. Looking at the course of evolution, researchers try to map their ontological perspectives in accordance with the same. Nevertheless, to achieve this objective, they have to go through the existing literature largely. This is known as the literature review of the study.

Finding the appropriate sources for literature review can be quite a challenge for students who are not updated about the developments in the field. They will have to go through the latest issues of a few reputed journals and search for related articles. There are many online sources too, which students can refer to.