E-learning is growing by the day. There are many academicians and education institutions who have taken their courses online. There are still many more educationists who wish to enter this line of teaching. Setting up an e-learning venture takes a bit of time and skill. So what do educationists need to do to ensure that they are successful in their endeavour?

1. The educators have to constantly collect data throughout the phase of their project. Having the right data in terms of who they are targeting for their courses and what type of courses are in demand are all essential for a project being successful. Even when projects fail to take off or they have to be modified, having the right data provides clues on what went wrong and how it can be rectified.

2. Deadlines have to be set and the educators have to constantly assess if they are meeting them. In case the timelines are not being met, the educators have to assess what is going wrong and make rectifications in their work schedule.

3. It is important for the educators and their teams to be proactive. Goals are only met by people who anticipate challenges in advance and meet them. There is no point in having a problem thrust on the team and then reacting to it by which time it might be too late. The team should ideally make a list of issues even before the project is started so that they can put suitable countermeasures in place.

4. The educators should be aware of what gaps they are trying to fill in the education system. What is it that they offer that traditional educational institutes do not? These are the questions for which the answers will make the e-learning portal a successful one.