A researcher can identify a lot of phenomena around them across the world, and those phenomena can generate a number of questions in his / her mind. In order to solve those questions, a rigorous research has to be undertaken. However, while starting off with the research work, the primary question that arises is “What is to be done?” This is the research question, which is the first stepping stone towards starting a research work. A research question comes out of a very specific research problem. Researcher has to build a theoretical foundation based on the previous research works, and needs to boil down the research problem to a very specific one. One must know that the research problem should not be very vast. Based on the ontological foundation based on the observation, the researcher needs to boil down the objective of research at the epistemological level. In order to transform the question into measurable terms, constructs are built upon the epistemological foundation. Constructs are the building block of the variables to be undertaken for the study. Once the objective comes to a measurable form, the research question devising gets finalized. To know more about the aspects of research, kindly browse the pages of learnwithmike.eu.