Being able to achieve something or even carry out routine activities is something that is a reality only when we are healthy. Once you fall ill, the only thing you can do is sleep in your bed with the blanket over your head. Though most of us have taken ill at some point in time, we hardly take the time to understand what it is that influences our health. The answer is simple, our actions do, the lifestyle we follow does and to understand it better we must see a few examples.


When we eat all that we can and at all the places that we can reach to, what we really do is put our digestive system to the ultimate test. AT first the digestion may accept your challenges and do just as you want it to, but eventually it will show you who the boss is!

If you party all night and become nocturnal for the better part of your youth, you will make friends and have a roaring social life, but the side effects of not getting enough sleep will show in the deep dark circles around your eyes as a proof of your wild ways.

The gym membership that you took months back, without the intention of ever visiting, will haunt you with the fats and health issues that come out of a sedentary lifestyle, because all the food you consume and the fats you accumulate need a better way to be shed.

There is a great connection between the actions of your daily life and the health you enjoy or suffer. If you do not take care of your body, your body will stop caring for your life. Which means that juts as much as your body needs you; you need a healthy body too.