Enhanced external counterpulsation therapy by its name itself signifies its extraordinary process. EECP is a non-invasive, non-surgical externally stimulated treatment that pulsates the nerves and increases the blood flow to the heart. Undoubtedly, the procedure takes few sessions, but nothing is better than this if it can cure a vital ailment like that of blockage and attack of heart.
Eligibility to undertake EECP –
Of course, there are some limitations, and a criterion’s to fulfil to go through EECP treatment. Below mentioned are following –

  • EECP cannot be undertaken during pregnancy or if a patient has high blood pressure.
  • It gives a red signal to the patients –
  • Suffering from chronic stable angina
  • No relief after nitrate dose
  • Cannot go through the open heart or bypass surgery, stenting or angiography.

What exactly a patient undergoes through? –
A patient is asked to lie down on a stretch out table:

  • Three electrodes are placed around the chest and is connected to an ECG(Electrocardiograph) to record heartbeats and blood pressure during the treatment
  • Set of cuffs is wrapped around the thighs, buttocks, and calves. These cuffs are at the other end is connected with the air hoses that inflates and deflates the cuffs simultaneously.
  • Patient undergoing treatment feels a strong pressure moving from chest to hips to thighs on inflation and an equal relaxing sensation during deflation is felt.
  • Both inflation and deflation concurrently harmonize the heartbeat and blood pressure at the same time and thus increases the blood flow to the heart and opens the blockage.

EECP sessions are expected to undergo 35 hours 5 days per weeks for 1-2 hours daily and 7 weeks. It is calculated to be the cheapest cardiac treatment and therefore is preferred over others.