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Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has become a latest trend in today’s world. Get here all updates about mobile learning.

4 Tried and Tested Hacks to Select Database for a Mobile App

In the era of internet, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. The growing advent of mobile devices, along with its application is the biggest technical event in the recent times. Over a decade mobile app industry… Continue Reading →

How can mobile learning aid in the modern educational industry?

Usually, mobile devices are utilized to stay connected with each other. However, in recent days, mobile devices are increasingly used for varied reasons like promotion and marketing exercises that propagate information to the general public about a new product, a… Continue Reading →

How to Select a Profession

The moment a child is born, its parents start dreaming of the child’s future career and try to fulfill their own unsuccessful dream through their kid. As the child grows up to an adult, the pressure of circumstances also grows… Continue Reading →

Elearning with www.learnwithmike.eu

The World Wide Web is one of the most wonderful inventions for people living in the twenty first century. This is something that was not there in the past. After it came, the globe reduced in size. People sitting from… Continue Reading →

Reasons behind Rise in Entrepreneurial Activities

In order to live a sustained life, one needs to earn money, so that the family can be fed, and that is the reason people strive to get hold of any employment and vocational opportunities. However, it has been observed… Continue Reading →

How Does Learnwithmike.eu Provide Academic Assistance

The twenty first century has made the internet available to almost everyone. This has brought a revolution everywhere and made the world a small place. Now, people living thousands of miles apart can chat with each other at the click… Continue Reading →

Considerations While Developing a Good Research Paper

It is not a simple task to develop an effective research paper. It takes months of hard work to be ready with a representation of your in-depth research work. Thus, one needs to be cautious while writing a paper that… Continue Reading →

How to Devise a Research Question

A researcher can identify a lot of phenomena around them across the world, and those phenomena can generate a number of questions in his / her mind. In order to solve those questions, a rigorous research has to be undertaken…. Continue Reading →

Significance of Theoretical Underpinning

Any study or investigation is aimed at solving the socio-economic problems around us. Hence, it is very much required to have a strong theoretical background of the study. The theoretical foundation results in a conceptual framework, which is then implemented… Continue Reading →

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