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Find here some interesting and interactive tricks and ways for learning with fun.

Words as Part of Language

Words offer the possibility of a generalised reflection of reality in the consciousness. Every word already universalises. For example, the word matter, it does not express anything individual which is expressed through a system of words and concepts, but embraces… Continue Reading →

Plants Fight Back-True or False

As they feed, caterpillars can trigger a biochemical response in plants that, within as little as 30 minutes, deters further feeding by any caterpillar. The effect lasts for days, weeks or even years. This so called induced response takes the… Continue Reading →

Water from the Ground

Water is one of the mot commonplace compounds on Earth. Yet, thousands of people die every day because they do not have enough, or because their supply is contaminated. How can this happen on a planet that has an estimated… Continue Reading →

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