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Find here some interesting and interactive tricks and ways for learning with fun.

Educational toys aid in healthy brain development of your growing children

As a responsible parent, you would always want your child to attain a healthy mental and physical development. Some things that will affect your child are going to be out of your control, such as genetics and personal preference. However,… Continue Reading →

Learn Different Languages and Become An Interpreter

I remember my first few months at States. Away from my family, my relatives and my friends, I was struggling hard to settle down with my husband. And, moreover, I had nothing to do. Ask a workaholic how it feels… Continue Reading →

The advantages of being multilingual

It takes a lot of effort to learn another language. For some people learning a foreign tongue comes naturally, but for others it takes a lot more effort. But in a globalised world where people from different backgrounds are interacting… Continue Reading →

Tips for learning a new language:

Learning a new language is always beneficial. There are quite many languages in our world. But be careful while choosing which language to learn and know how it is useful for you. Learning a new language is always an added… Continue Reading →

Groundwater contamination and ways to prevent it:

Water is important for any kind of living being. It is vital part of both environment and our body systems. It covers three quarter of the earth’s surface. Water intake is important for survival. Drinking ample amount of water reduces… Continue Reading →

How to Learn a New Language

Most of the people think that learning a new language is a difficult job. The complexity of learning a new language varies from age to age. Learning a language will be much easier for children. Learning becomes more difficult to… Continue Reading →

Studying ancient languages: things to know

Foreword: Most people are not interested in learning obsolete languages that are not in use any more. After all, what’s the purpose of leaning languages that are extinct, when there are so many other important issues to tackle? To many,… Continue Reading →

Water – way to sustainable energy

Sustainable energy refers to the sources of energy that can meet the demands of the present population without compromising on the needs of the future generation. With the increase in the planet’s green house stress and ever decreasing fossil fuel… Continue Reading →

Origin of English language

Modern English came into existence only about 500 years ago. One can trace the origins of the language to a mix of old Germanic and Norse dialectic groups, which were spoken by people in the Anglo-Frisian and South Russian regions… Continue Reading →

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