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Good health is a key to achieve success. So here interesting tips and facts about your health and adopt them to stay healthy.

Fruit Juice is Healthy: A Fact or Myth

A morning start with a drink of fresh juice keeps you invigorating to do your chores. It is normally believed that juice is a healthy drink and a better way to absorb nutrients, but as a general rule eating whole… Continue Reading →

Yoga a boon to your health

From the day i have started yoga, I experienced a lot of drastic changes within myself. This inspired me to study more about yoga and its benefits. I found that yoga can provide a lot of benefits to your body,… Continue Reading →

How is a Cardiac Arrest Different From A Heart Attack?

In a conversation with one of my good old friends, I got to know that a man from our college has died recently. I asked him, “How did he die?” to which he replied, “I think it was a heart… Continue Reading →

EECP Heart Treatment – A Boon for Cardiac Science

Enhanced external counterpulsation therapy by its name itself signifies its extraordinary process. EECP is a non-invasive, non-surgical externally stimulated treatment that pulsates the nerves and increases the blood flow to the heart. Undoubtedly, the procedure takes few sessions, but nothing… Continue Reading →

How the Low Cost of Coronary Angiography in India Attracts Medical Tourists

For those of you who are new to coronary angiography, let us tell you that it is a medical procedure to diagnose the heart health and its functioning. In this procedure, there is usually an X-ray done for coronary arteries… Continue Reading →

Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in India

Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic or inherited disorder of the muscles. Due to muscular dystrophy, the muscles become very weak. It can lead to muscles break down and are replaced with fatty acids over the period of time. Muscular dystrophy… Continue Reading →

Healthy breakfast promises healthy start to the day!

Have breakfast like a king! This phrase is being used by many, but very few people practice it earnestly. There are many people who are rushing out of their home in hurry and they mostly skip their breakfast. However, they… Continue Reading →

Healthy tips for healthy life!

Almost all of us have been discussing healthy lifestyle these days. We are well-aware of the fact that modern day lifestyle is posing major challenges to our health. However, we all are becoming so much used to comfortable lifestyle that… Continue Reading →

Most Healthy Foods You Can Eat for Breakfast

If you are rushing out of your home in a hurry and plan to skip breakfast, remember that it might lead you to overeat in the day. On the contrary, a healthy breakfast will boost your energy, fulfill your appetite… Continue Reading →

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