Though all people from United Kingdom and the United States drink water, most of them are unaware of its benefits. But those who know the benefits, consider it an elixir of life. The primary reason it is taken is for quenching thirst. However, drinking eight to nine glasses of water per day can be very helpful and beneficial in maintaining excellent health. Overweight people who keep feeling hungry but still want to lose weight should drink lots of water before meals. This fills their stomach and reduces their hunger. When they are less hungry, they obviously eat less and tend to lose weight. If this could be combined with fifteen minutes of brisk walking everyday, the results would appear much faster. Water should become their answer to hunger.

As soon as they feel hungry, they should drink water and replace food with it. This is a very effective way to lose weight. Drinking more water also enhances digestion and clears the stomach. Better digestion ensures many other health benefits. Water is very useful in preventing a variety of diseases and leads to glowing skin. As all the toxins of the body are secreted in the form of urine and sweat, the skin gets cleansed and glows. So, drinking abundant water is very vital for good skin. It helps develop muscle and new blood cells. Dehydration of the body can cause tiredness and inability to function normally. Drinking water on a regular basis ensures that the body is hydrated enough to function well.


Balancing the fluid of the human body is essential to adjust the temperature and move nourishing substances to different parts. Water maintains the fluid balance and helps obese people munch through lesser calories. Working out at the gymnasium causes water loss in the form of sweating. Loss of water leads to lethargy and low energy levels. So, one must drink lots of water while feeling tired to feel energized again. It can help people complete their workout without any issues. Pimples on the skin can occur due to more toxins in the blood. Drinking plenty of water makes sure that all these toxins are released in the form of urine and sweat, thereby decreasing the chances of growing pimples.

Kidneys are vital organs of the body and many waste fluids in the stomach need to be excreted for better functioning. Water helps achieve that along with improving the productivity of people at the workplace. It also helps them focus and feel fresh. Too much alcohol can give a hangover. After waking in the morning, that hard hammering headache can be gotten rid of with the help of water. Water helps improve the immune system of the body and prevents common cold and cough attacks. It helps combat skin disorders and makes people look younger. The risk of heart attacks is lessened and the brain’s functions improve. The thinking capacity gets better and kidney stones, cancer and respiratory illnesses can be prevented.

Drinking water along with lemon juice also cures constipation, arthritis, rheumatism and intestinal disorders. With so many benefits and being available free of cost, water is surely one of the best natural healers.