Online learning is well-defined, structured learning activity that uses internet based technology, resources, and tools for learning and education. Due to these exceptional features, various students and institutes nowadays find online learning technology as a fastest and simplest way for sharing information and upgrading their knowledge.

The online course is a well-planned, organized and flexible program of education. Nowadays apart from traditional classes, these live online learning classes are well accepted by a significant number of students who deliberately prefer online education for their academic credits. However, most of the students are not familiar with the method in which these learning classes work. The most important trait of online tuition is the one to one learning. This procedure increases student’s engagement and attention towards the courses and thus helps to give a positive output.

In addition to this, students can get access to their course anytime and from anywhere. Thus, there is no fixed class and set a schedule for these classes. Students will get the same expert instruction and course content that they ask for. Students need to have a proper email account and an active chat id so that they can communicate with the teacher through chat rooms, forums, e-mail and other electronic submissions. Hence, if they have queries, they can easily contact their instructor through emails and chats.

Online learning technology is text-based and also a combination of graphics, text, audio, and video. For this kind of courses, students use standard classroom books and printed materials along with online lectures, coursework, and supplementary course contents. The students are provided with a platform where they can take part in discussions, quizzes, conferences and can evaluate their progress through online practice exams.

A perfect educational environment is required to have an effective online learning class. Without a suitable learning environment, no favorable learning outcome is obtained. This kind of learning technology demands an active approach from students. While pursuing the course students needs to be very active and must concentrate and understand thoroughly the course material that is being taught.

Online education does not require relocation to campus or even transportation costs associated with commuting, so one would save on accommodation costs and the costs of traveling back home. Moreover, it allows you to work or hold a job while completing studies, as online education allows for more time flexibility. It is beneficial as even though online education tuition fees for a program might be close to the tuition for an equivalent program that is offered through traditional means, the income through the job can significantly ease the financial burden.

When considering any education and the costs associated with it, it is important to note down all the expenses besides the tuition fees, to get a good idea of the overall cost of the education. For some individuals, an online education might be the better option, while for others, attending a traditional program might be the better option. Considering the busy lifestyle and the challenging career growth, we can conclude that for students live online learning is worth mentioning like that of traditional education. However, before enrolling in the courses, one should have a detailed understanding of the course structure and register only for the certified course or else it is of no use.