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Jack Stevens

How is a Cardiac Arrest Different From A Heart Attack?

In a conversation with one of my good old friends, I got to know that a man from our college has died recently. I asked him, “How did he die?” to which he replied, “I think it was a heart… Continue Reading →

Typing tips, how to make type faster and master the keyboard

New to computer…clueless, helpless? Don’t know how to type fast?  Here are the 5 tips which can help you in your endeavor to work fast on computer: 1) Accuracy: Try to be more accurate at the initial level. Type slow,… Continue Reading →

Things to Consider Before Taking an Education Loan

In today’s world of competition, education is the most important factor that can lead to a successful and happy career. Being educated means you are civilized and know how to handle the things easily. But, education is not a piece… Continue Reading →

Health and Lifestyle – the Deeper Connection

Being able to achieve something or even carry out routine activities is something that is a reality only when we are healthy. Once you fall ill, the only thing you can do is sleep in your bed with the blanket… Continue Reading →

How to Ensure the Success of E-Learning Projects

E-learning is growing by the day. There are many academicians and education institutions who have taken their courses online. There are still many more educationists who wish to enter this line of teaching. Setting up an e-learning venture takes a… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Tutoring has evolved over the years and now, it is seen as a complementary teaching method to combat the problems of traditional education. Since the public school systems have become financially burdened, the benefits of online tutoring are slowly coming… Continue Reading →

Why Is Online Tutoring Important

The internet has made the world a very convenient place. Students who earlier thought of joining schools and colleges for taking classes and doing degrees respectively can now access plenty of information online. They have gotten aware that the internet… Continue Reading →

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