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David Jackson

Artificial Intelligence taking over Human Intelligence?

It’s been more than six decades since Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been discovered and it is still evolving. Artificial Intelligence is a broad area of computer science that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like… Continue Reading →

Education Affecting the Future

As much as you detest the process of learning and giving exams or as much as you hate waking up early in the morning to attend classes, the truth is that it is all very important for your future. The… Continue Reading →

Know why online banking is a blessing

In today’s era, online banking has come up as a blessing for all. However, there could be a very few people who sail on the other side and say that online banking is not an advantageous tool. But the majority… Continue Reading →

Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in India

Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic or inherited disorder of the muscles. Due to muscular dystrophy, the muscles become very weak. It can lead to muscles break down and are replaced with fatty acids over the period of time. Muscular dystrophy… Continue Reading →

Healthy tips for healthy life!

Almost all of us have been discussing healthy lifestyle these days. We are well-aware of the fact that modern day lifestyle is posing major challenges to our health. However, we all are becoming so much used to comfortable lifestyle that… Continue Reading →

How Walking as a Daily Exercise Benefits You

Walking is a gentle form of exercise that especially helps adults and old aged people who cannot get involved in strenuous workouts. Otherwise, it is a low-impact workout for anybody who simply needs to stay fit and maintain his/her weight…. Continue Reading →

Why Software Firms are More Profitable

If the economic scenario of the industrial world across the globe can be looked at, then it can be observed that IT and IT enabled services industries are proving out to be more profitable in developing nations. A significant percentage… Continue Reading →

Reasons behind Rise in Entrepreneurial Activities

In order to live a sustained life, one needs to earn money, so that the family can be fed, and that is the reason people strive to get hold of any employment and vocational opportunities. However, it has been observed… Continue Reading →

How Personality Development Courses Benefit You

If you are doubtful about taking up a personality development (PD) course, then you should surely consider the benefits it can provide you. When you take a course in personality development, then it will definitely influence you in one way… Continue Reading →

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