How to Select a Profession

The moment a child is born, its parents start dreaming of the child’s future career and try to fulfill their own unsuccessful dream through their kid. As the child grows up to an adult, the pressure of circumstances also grows simultaneously. Some takes the pain to fulfill their parents’ dreams, and some prefer to make […]

Elearning with

The World Wide Web is one of the most wonderful inventions for people living in the twenty first century. This is something that was not there in the past. After it came, the globe reduced in size. People sitting from their homes could chat with others who were thousands of miles away. People who are […]

Considerations While Developing a Good Research Paper

It is not a simple task to develop an effective research paper. It takes months of hard work to be ready with a representation of your in-depth research work. Thus, one needs to be cautious while writing a paper that is suitable per the standards of esteemed publications. There are some considerations that may help […]

How to Devise a Research Question

A researcher can identify a lot of phenomena around them across the world, and those phenomena can generate a number of questions in his / her mind. In order to solve those questions, a rigorous research has to be undertaken. However, while starting off with the research work, the primary question that arises is “What […]

Significance of Theoretical Underpinning

Any study or investigation is aimed at solving the socio-economic problems around us. Hence, it is very much required to have a strong theoretical background of the study. The theoretical foundation results in a conceptual framework, which is then implemented based on the practical empirical or qualitative data. Depending on the domain of research, several […]

Emergence of Interdisciplinary Research

Following are the few areas, which can be considered as the interdisciplinary research domains: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource management: This particular domain talks about the cultural and functional setting of an organization. It looks into the human aspects of the organization, as well as the functional architecture of the organization. Precisely, this area is […]

The Law of Negation of the Negation

The law of negation of the negation shows the connection between consecutive stages of development, between the old and the new. It expresses the general tendency and direction of development. To understand this law, one should first understand the meaning of dialectical negation and its place in development. In negation, the old is replaced by […]