Manage your Resources from Day 1

Post graduate courses that involve a great deal of research and also PhDs require planning right from the start. Invariably, the most important part of planning is the managment of resources without which your research may just not yield the results that you desire. Take time to identify resources: First and foremost, identify your resources. […]

Importance of Mentor for Professional Growth

There are many different stages of professional growth and development. Each professional experiences benefits from mentoring during that stage. Consider what companies would lose, if they chose to do away with mentoring? Mentoring helps people to find their skills and hone their capabilities. It is a golden standard for professional growth and development within different […]

The skills of a good accountant

Accountants are found in every organisation. Whether it is a profit making company or a not-for-profit organisation or an academic institution, one thing they all need to do is to balance their books of accounts and show how much money they have and how much they do not. The accountants therefore need to know the […]

A Quantum Leap to Smaller Chips

It is commendable to assume that today’s desktop computers have become more powerful in comparison to machines that occupied the whole room a few years ago only. This fast scaling of this feature is an extraordinary example of how successful electronics have been working based on semiconductors. A modern car engine is likely to be […]


Stephenson was convinced that the railway had a great future, and declared that one day every other mode of conveyance would be superseded by railways. However, this was far from the general view. Even when Stephenson’s Darlington Railway proved so successful, capable experts were saying that this kind of technical game with steam engines on […]